The delivery model is divided into 5 steps and the work is controlled by our management system.

Phase 1 - Onboarding
In this phase, the initial contact between the potential customer and us takes place. One clarifies whether further cooperation is desirable. If you want to go further, the customer orders a Project Mapping activity which ensures that the parties can go further in the dialogue to uncover what needs you have and how these can be delivered.

Phase 2 - Pre project
In this phase, Project Mapping is carried out, which ensures that the parties agree on what is to be delivered, at what price and when it is to be delivered. When this has been mapped, a project order is signed. When costs have been estimated, a bank transfer is carried out from the customer to the broker for safekeeping of funds until final settlement. In this part of the process, mapping of risks and planning of mitigating measures is carried out.

Phase 3 - Delivery
This is the period of time in the project where the deliveries are carried out based on the project order.

Phase 4 - Project decommissioning
When the project order is considered to have been delivered, in this phase a check of all deliveries, tasks and loose ends is carried out.

Phase 5 - Post project review
To ensure continuous improvement, an analysis is carried out of what was delivered well and what failed. The customer is also invited to give feedback in this process.


Our extensive catalog of subcontractors is maintained through continuous close communication, guaranteeing accurate and high-quality deliveries at all times.

Formalized agreements with our suppliers ensure detailed alignment on what is to be delivered.

Leveraging our management system, we implement thorough checklists for every task, providing clarity on responsibilities and further enhancing the precision of our operations.


We embrace sustainable practices.

In alignment with globally recognized sustainability principles outlined by the UN Global Compact, we integrate sustainability assessments seamlessly into all our services and deliveries.

Sustainability is an inherent component of our management system, reflecting our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.



Maintaining direct connections with various authorities, we adeptly initiate proper engagements on behalf of our customers.

In cases requiring legal assistance, we facilitate contact with specialized legal experts in the relevant field, ensuring comprehensive support.