Our personnel pool consists of individuals without specialized tasks, primarily recruited from first responder professions such as ambulance, police, and fire service.

This strategic recruitment ensures a team that is not only operationally adept but also possesses professional education and practical experience gained from demanding roles. This combination guarantees a workforce that is both versatile and well-prepared to handle challenging situations.


Our doctors specialize in general medicine, equipped to access and coordinate services across both public and private healthcare systems.

They can also prescribe medications and arrange for specialized healthcare services as needed.


Our nurses are rigorously trained and certified in various specializations within the healthcare sector.

Feel free to inquire about specific areas of expertise tailored to your needs.



Our naval officers operate daily in our designated area, offering valuable insights and experiences to enhance your benefit.

Possessing all requisite certificates and approvals, they are well-equipped to carry out their duties with proficiency.


Our chefs and waitstaff are individuals actively engaged in renowned restaurants acknowledged for their international quality.

Alternatively, they may be recognized individually for their own international achievements.



Our project managers are local experts with profound knowledge of the area, suppliers, tourism, and the full range of services we offer.

These individuals seamlessly transition into the role of Concierge during your stay, ensuring a personalized and informed experience.