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Whether you fancy a night under the stars in a hammock, seek the simplicity of a small mountain cabin, or prefer stargazing from a jacuzzi before retiring to a luxurious cabin, we offer an array of options tailored to every taste.

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Discover the allure of a private residence for those who relish weekdays and prioritize anonymity and security.

Opt for a detached house or apartment, offering the ideal environment to seamlessly blend in with the locals accustomed to global visitors from the thriving oil and gas industry. Select from apartments and houses, conveniently situated in the heart of the city center or nestled further into the serene countryside.

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Immerse yourself in Norway's core essence through the heart of cabin cultureā€”a vital aspect of the Norwegian folk spirit.

Ranging from universally accessible cabins to private retreats with varying comfort levels, these cabins are scattered by the sea, nestled inland, and perched in the mountains.

Staying in a generally accessible cabin provides an unparalleled closeness to the local community, connecting you with fellow nature enthusiasts who share a love for cabin life.

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